Life lessons from Savvy

(WARNING: This will be a sappy post)

This past week one of my best friends (Savannah) got married to the love of her life (Coleman). The wedding itself was incredible, but the build up to the day was just as amazing. All week I was baffled by the love I was surrounded by. (Seriously, this couple is SO in love. It is inspiring. Β The two of them make me believe that soulmates are a real thing). Not only that, but the love I felt from the friendships that surround them and from their families was mesmerizing.

And while I could rant for hours on end about the wedding, their families, their relationship, and how inspiring it all is–I thought I would dedicate this post to ranting about my best friend, Savvy.

She has no clue–but the person that she is and the way that she lives has left an unremovable mark on my life. Something that I love about friendship is that there is so much you can learn from each and every person God places in your life. In Savvy’s case–she has taught me about what it looks like to genuinely value and treasure EVERYTHING.

As I was driving home from the wedding, I pondered how blessed Savannah is and how everything she touches practically turns to gold. Now I lived with Savvy for two years–so I have an accurate glimpse into how she manages her life. And something that I have noticed is that she treats everything and everyone with respect and value. EVERYTHING, from the big details to the minute details. Β From how she irons her clothes, to how she spoils her friends. And just to give you a picture of what I am talking about, here are a few of the best examples I could compile:

  • I have never seen a more organized suitcase than hers in my life–ever!
  • When she gives someone a present, she spends just as much time wrapping it, as she does in selecting the gift itself.
  • She takes care of her clothes so well that they could literally last for several centuries.
  • When we lived together, the dishes were never cleaner than they were after she washed them.
  • In every job she has ever held, she excels because she goes above and beyond with even the smallest of tasks.
  • With school, she refused to turn in a paper unless she had edited it at least ten times.
  • In her finances–she always has the money to have fun, buy beautiful clothes, eat healthy, and spoil others–because she is wise and knows how to prioritize her money,
  • With Coleman, I have rarely seen two people love one another the way they do–and I believe a huge part of it is because they both deeply value one another and treat their relationship as a gift.

If you missed the common thread that I am trying to hone in on–it is that her life displays faithfulness and (excuse the super spiritual language) what it looks like to be a good steward of all that God has given to you.

Perhaps blessings aren’t accidental, but intentional. I am of the persuasion that Savannah’s life is so blessed because God knows that she will treat the gifts he gives her like they are pure gold. I say all of this to encourage you (and myself) to genuinely value what God places in your hand. My thought is that as we do this, blessings will coincidentally fall into our lives like rain.


“Great gifts mean great responsibilities; greater gifts, greater responsibilities!” [Luke 12: 48 MSG]

P.S. – Aren’t they the cutest!?

IMG_0371 IMG_0391


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