Hello world!

I’m Amie, and this is my blog—thanks so much for stopping by.

I love Jesus, flowers, books, clothes, and learning sweet life truths from everyday scenarios (this blog is essentially a compilation of the aforementioned). Over the past few years God has flipped my life upside down, then right side up, then back on it’s side and right side up more times than I can count (in a good way). And here’s the thing—most of this “flipping” has happened through ordinary, every day situations. I’m convinced that as long as your heart is wide open and willing, God can use anything to speak to you!

So…why “Every Little No”?

So glad you asked.

A few months back I found myself in a place of saying “no” to a lot of really good opportunities, for no other reason than I lacked a sense of peace with each one that was before me. One day I was wrestling with whether all of these decisions to say no were wise or not when I was interrupted with a freeing thought,

“Your faith-filled-no’s make way for an unwavering yes.”

Since those words crossed my mind, I have found myself living under a new life standard—one that refuses the constraints of fear but instead chooses to be liberated in the reality that if God is for me, who could be against me? With every reckless no I feel compelled to give, I can have full confidence that there is a lovelier yes awaiting me just a few steps down the road. Call it an ongoing lesson in not settling, a life-philosophy, brilliant, or ridiculous. Call it whatever you like, but these words have invited me on a deeper journey of faith, have taught me to hope and believe for the unimaginable, and have broadened the color spectrum of my life.

Why on earth fear saying no when you can be certain that every no you give in faith leads you on a journey to a yes free of reservations?

Welcome to my adventure of every little no.



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